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Universal Laboratories (Bahrain) W.L.L, a joint venture of UNEECO Group and GLOBETECH Laboratories-Cyprus, has been serving Bahrain and Middle East customers for over a decade since its formation in 2002.


Universal Laboratories offers inspection and measurements services as listed below but not limited to :

   Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is carried out to analyse and ensure the uniformity of distribution across all areas of the controlled areas under real life conditions. Mapping requirements vary from business to business, but typical examples include:

  •   Cold Storage
  •   Fridges / Freezers
  •   Ambient Warehouse Storage
  •   Refrigerated Vehicles
  •   Blood Banks
  •   Server Rooms
  •   Production Areas
  •   Materials Storage

   Thermal imaging – Thermography

We provide this service to all relevant fields.Thermography is the perfect tool to support preventive maintenance as well as electrical safety issues. Thermography can detect problems, prevent unscheduled downtime,guide needed corrective action and increase the safety of your systems.

   Noise Measurement & Analysis

Noise measurement with spectrum analysis at work place, Machinery noise measurement.. etc

   Emissions Measurement

Boiler emission measurements, industrial air emissions and stack measurements

   Air Quality Measurement

Indoor air quality, Outdoor air quality, Air analysis

   Illumination Measurement

In offices, Factories, kitchens..etc